Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Halloween Parties

My cousins invited me to their Halloween party at my aunt's house. 
I was stoked, because I love those girls!!
I got the kids all costumed up--Dalton was NOT a fan of me trying to spray his hair white.

This Snow White dress that sits in my closet comes in handy, I tell ya. 
Literally threw it on, put a bow in my hair, added some red lips and a few curls and I was set!

Addie made instant friends with Brynn :) She always finds friends wherever she goes. She'll talk to anyone pretty much. I have no idea where she gets this from.

 My cousin Andrea planned some cute activities and all the kids had a blast!

Halloween party, Take 2-- Grandma and grandpa Rees's house
Glinda the good witch and Dorothy

Gotta love themed treats 

Chad, Lacie and Skylee

Bryan, Whitney and London

This picture is AWE.SOME.

After all the crazy doc brown hair, it was time for a much needed hair cut

His inner hippie died a little inside...He was not happy about it at all

But he's so handsome. (It's already a lot longer than this a month later)

Addie and her friends making halloween cookies. 

Then zoning out to Nightmare Before Christmas

 Preschool Party
I volunteered to help, and it was fun
They were dancing like monsters here :)

Best friends

Preschool crew

The willing trick or treaters

and the non willing. That monster costume stayed on for as long as it took to snap these two photos..

It was a lot of fun! 

I tried to upload some fun pictures of Ashley and I as the wicked witch and the good with as well as Jed as Marty and Dalton as Doc, but blogger decided to cut me off and said I'm out of space!! JERKS!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Other October stuff

October started off warm and full of outside playing...and then quickly turned into an on again off again 3 week long quarantine due to pink eye and cold bugs. I'm already annoyed with winter and it hasn't even begun. We did get some snow, and people acted like it's an anomaly, then it melted and they all moved on with life :)  Here are a bunch of random pictures from this month (sans Halloween parties, ya'll know that's GOTTA be its own post)

Dalton and neighbor friend Luke pushing strollers down the street in the manliest of fashions

always a good time...

soup I love thee....I've made like 6 different soups in a couple of weeks. This broccoli cheese one didn't disappoint.

Cinderella came out on blu ray. That should be documented apparently.

Conference weekend, we made cinnamon rolls. It's tradition, and Addie loves it. 

Dalton's new favorite hang out spot. Addie's bed. He looks at books and thinks it's cool that he can climb off and on there on his own.

Addie's been practicing writing, mom, lately

We also sewed on conference weekend. I made Addie a Halloween skirt, you know, like ya do.

Dalton's been super busy chatting online with babes all day.

and being cute

....and getting pink eye...poor kid

 We went to the zoo! I think is the one place we went this entire month once all the strain of illness set in.
Addie and Maggie by the elephants

The sea lions were my favorite

There's a baby giraffe and it's so cute!

who doesn't love a carousel ride? well he didn't, until it started moving. Then he said, weee..

Birthday breakfast at Kneaders with Laura. These two don't know it, but we've arranged their marriage already. 

K-9 police man day at preschool

Addie and her friends mad a potion with leaves. Dalton supervised.

City Creek with my sisters the day after my birthday. We stayed overnight downtown, got no sleep, and had tons of fun!

Me and Ash..I didn't get a picture of the group, dang it.

we thought this was fitting to watch for my birthday, but stupid marriott and their tvs wouldn't let me change the input so my bluray player would work. Yes, I brought a bluray player...

Oh, and we painted nails. Like girls do

Nice view eh?

Not such a nice view...drunk dude at our door at 2am. Wrong room man!

Picking out some pumpkins from a neighbor's pumpkin patch. Gotta love free pumpkins!

Addie and Tristan are buds :)

Whit helped me make Dalton's costume. Turned out great.

Cutest little friends. I like them.

Addie made Dalton a cubby on her bed while he was looking at books one day. 
We've been seriously so bored the past two weeks...

Pumpkin painting!

Addie had to pain a pumpkin for preschool, so I let Dalton paint one too. Because he's the second child and my brain was now mush from day 4 of literally not leaving the house for a second.

You'd think I put him in a straight jacket when I put him in feet jammies....he was annoyed.

Oh, and he's learned how to do this. Nice.

After two nights of zero sleep for either of us, he finally we were walking into the Doctor's office. He woke up when the nurse took his temp and was not happy.

Yay for antibiotics, ibuprofen and oragel. He's getting four molars and has a minor ear infection.

and then he slept...from 7am-10am. on the couch. 

Feeling better! ...and needing a haircut!

What?? Who says he needs a haircut?! 

We've had a fun Halloween party-filled weekend. I'll post all the Halloween stuff together after the rest of those events have passed :)