Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Halloween Parties

My cousins invited me to their Halloween party at my aunt's house. 
I was stoked, because I love those girls!!
I got the kids all costumed up--Dalton was NOT a fan of me trying to spray his hair white.

This Snow White dress that sits in my closet comes in handy, I tell ya. 
Literally threw it on, put a bow in my hair, added some red lips and a few curls and I was set!

Addie made instant friends with Brynn :) She always finds friends wherever she goes. She'll talk to anyone pretty much. I have no idea where she gets this from.

 My cousin Andrea planned some cute activities and all the kids had a blast!

Halloween party, Take 2-- Grandma and grandpa Rees's house
Glinda the good witch and Dorothy

Gotta love themed treats 

Chad, Lacie and Skylee

Bryan, Whitney and London

This picture is AWE.SOME.

After all the crazy doc brown hair, it was time for a much needed hair cut

His inner hippie died a little inside...He was not happy about it at all

But he's so handsome. (It's already a lot longer than this a month later)

Addie and her friends making halloween cookies. 

Then zoning out to Nightmare Before Christmas

 Preschool Party
I volunteered to help, and it was fun
They were dancing like monsters here :)

Best friends

Preschool crew

The willing trick or treaters

and the non willing. That monster costume stayed on for as long as it took to snap these two photos..

It was a lot of fun! 

I tried to upload some fun pictures of Ashley and I as the wicked witch and the good with as well as Jed as Marty and Dalton as Doc, but blogger decided to cut me off and said I'm out of space!! JERKS!!


Megan said...

Jerks indeed! You have pictures of yummy food and cute kids you need to post!